Monday, February 28, 2011

With the girls

I'm here!
It was wonderful to walk into the house and hear screams of excitement from the girls. I missed them so much.

I don't think the baby remembers me. She cried when I first picked her up. But now she is happy. ;) In fact, this morning I was playing with her on the floor and she rolled over for the first time. It was so funny. I was sitting there, and she was on her belly, and then my aunt was talking to me so I looked up for a min, then when I looked back... there she was! On her back!! I was like, "oh my word!!"

Right now my Aunt is shopping so I am sitting on the couch with Jayda on my lap, Gigi in the play-pen, and Livy sleeping in her swing. It's a nice quite afternoon.

This morning I took Jayda and Gigi outside for a little walk. It was so warm. I was in shorts-sleeves and the girls only had light jackets on. Its so exciting to have warm weather! The grass is turning green out here. I can't wait till spring.

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