Sunday, February 27, 2011

At the Airport

As I sit here in the airport, watching people rushing by, bags of all different colors and sizes, I am amazed at how few smiles there are in the faces that go flying by.
Try to make eye contact with them... and it hardly works. I have noticed that when you do make eye contact they look at you really weird and you suddenly realized that you are creeping the poor people out.
I have 2 hours till my flight. So I found an empty table and then bought 60 mins of internet and sat down. Over to my right I have noticed that people keep stopping to buy something at a little booth. At first I thought it was just a booth selling little trinkets and hardly even noticed it. But now that I've been sitting here for the last 30 mins... I've suddenly realized that people are flocking around this place. I leaned around to get a better look and... its a lottery booth.
I had no idea, but seeing as I don't have much else to do I decided to watch the people come... it's amazing. They walk by, arms full of bags, eyes straight ahead, walking as fast as their little legs will let them move. It's almost like they can smell the booth or something. I have no idea what makes their head turn right as they pass that booth, but it happens every time. They are attracted to it like a child is to a candy store.
The some how find an extra hand to pull out a $10, $20, and then give it to the lady, get a ticket, and then off they go, running, almost flying.

I just sit here... watching....

wow.... I'm really doing a lot for the world.

How empty their lives must be.

Well... I just felt like writing about that. I wish there was something I could do.... If only Carl was here with me...

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