Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March 1st.

Honestly I didn't even know this was the first of March until just now. lol. The days kinda get blended together when you are on the same schedule day in and day out. But its a good blend. ;)

Last night the girls didn't sleep too well, so my poor aunt had to stay up for a while trying to get them to sleep. So this morning we all kinda woke up a little late. I took the girls outside again this morning. Have you ever watched a child when they notice their shadow for the first time? Oh its so adorable! Gigi was running down the road, and I was walking along side of her, then we turned around and the sun was behind us so it made a shadow. Gigi was kinda scared of it at first! She wouldn't walk forward, she kept looking at it, then take some steps backwards, then stomp, than whine at me, and try to walk around it... anyways, it was so funny to watch. I was laughing about that one for the rest of the day.
Jayda's Birthday is on Thursday so around 2 I went to the store with my Aunt Nancy to go birthday shopping. It was fun, and tons of fun to hang out with my aunt.
Tonight the baby, Livy, rolled over again. Second time!! I just love watching them make these steps in life. ;) lol
Well, I don't really have much more to say.
The girls have all had their baths and are tucked away into bed. I'm in my room in the basement just chill'en.
I'm so blessed. So thankful. And So happy that I'm able to be here to help my Aunt Ginny and Uncle Tom with the girls.
Until next time...



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