Monday, December 14, 2009

Listen to God

1 Samuel 3:9-10

~God has is wanting to speak with us.
~God can still speak when it seems all is lost. God hasn't died, He is still just as active as he was when he spoke to the child Samuel. He still cares about every little detail in your life.

~It may seem like your family is falling apart, or your life is falling apart, but God still holds it all in his hands. He is still in total control.

~Sometimes life seems to have just a bunch of scribbles, like it doesn't make sense to us at all about how Gods timing works...all of the pain that is involved... sometimes its easy to want to give up. But God is painting a beautiful picture. Its a painting that will only be perfect when finished. "Be still and know that I am God."

~We have to be sure that we are searching, looking, listening for His speaking... He is not going to push anything on us. We will only hear Him if we want to.
And sometimes just because He may be speaking to us doesn't mean that we will pick up on it. God speaks in many different ways...sometimes its though people that we may not like but God uses them to tell us something.

~God continues to call us even if we don't hear it right away. He will call again and again, softly at times... then maybe louder... until you wish to listen.

~Others may hear his calling before you do. But be careful who you go to for counsel.

~After you hear His voice... listen, "speak Lord, for your servant is listening".

~If something is telling you to run from the voice of God, then you know right there that it is not of God.

~The worlds of God are just what we need to heal our broken hearts... Are you listening to his calling? Do you want to hear his calling? Do you believe that he has a plan and that in the end the scribbles will come together into the most carefully planned out painting of all times?

~Rest ~ Trust ~ Believe ~ Hope ~ Listen ~ and Do~

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ashley said...

Thank you, Dear. This helped a lot thismorning! I love you.