Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Faith #2

Hebrews 11

1-Without Faith we are hopeless.
2-We have been commanded to have faith - Mark 11:22
3-Faith is not automatic. You are not just born with it. Its a choice that you make and then its something that you have to fight for.
4-Sometimes Faith is a struggle. "Lord, I believe... help my unbelief"
5-Faith always starts small. Anyone that has ever done anything in faith had to take one step at a time.
6-Faith increases. We grow with each little step of faith... each time getting stronger and stronger in Christ.
7-Your Faith is going to be tested. God wants to know if we truly trust him completely.
8-Your Faith then becomes the foundation for the rest of your life.

If we are going to have Faith in anyone we might as well make it be God right? I mean really, Why would you have your faith in anything else other then the very one that made you. He obviously knows what he is doing... so why not just trust Him?


ashley said...

Thank you for posting! :)
You're in my prayers.

Caitie said...

Love the new background, Anne. So cute. =)


Esther said...

LOVE the changing of your NEW background looks great.The passage is very nice!!!