Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Faith is believing in what you cannot see. Faith is trusting God to catch you when you fall. Faith is not surrendering because you’re scared. Faith is constantly knowing that God has saved you and is right beside you. Faith is complete and total surrender to God
Faith is being certain of what you hope for. Faith believes even when no one else does. Faith is trusting when there seems like there is nothing to trust. Faith is loving when there is nothing lovely.
Faith is not just a word, its believing… its being loyal, its trust, its having no fear. Its devotion, its confidence. Faith is giving your self to something and never backing down. Faith is standing on what you believe even when people think you are insane. Faith is living a bold trust in God's grace. Faith is not some magical thing, it’s an attitude. (Faith is my middle name :) )


Ruth Ueland said...

Love it! <3

Thy little handmaiden said...

wow, that's just like something I wrote awhile back. :) praying for you girl. Hang in there. <3

Rachel Sokolik said...

"Faith is coming to edge of a cliff and taking one more step... knowing that God will either catch you or give you wings to fly."-unknown♥

Susanne, I have been so blessed by seeing your surrendered spirit to our wonderful Master... He's increasing your faith! Keep taking that "one more step" with your Savior. He's got an awesome plan for your life.
I praise God for you, dear girl. I love you like a sister!♥