Friday, March 11, 2011

Now is that a face or what? hehe!! It has got to be one of my favorite pictures for sure.
This morning Gigi was being really fussy. My aunt was feeling quite worn out so I took Jayda and Gigi out for a walk down the street. Then we came in for lunch. While I was getting them lunch Gigi was really quiet just watching me. Then once I got their lunch on the table, Gigi started eating...for a few mins. I was getting their drinks and I looked around only to see Gigi's head in her plate. She had totally fallen asleep. lol. It was pretty cute. Sadly I didn't get a picture of it.
After Jayda finished her lunch, and Gigi was sleeping soundly in her bed, I took Jayda and Livy out for about 3 hours. We went swinging and blew bubbles, and played with our other cousins. It was really nice to get outside for a while.
My cousin Josh and I pick on each other all the time. He is great. We have so much fun together. Well, today I stole his hat and he chased me ALL around the yard... well, until he grabbed a bat and started to get too close to me. hehe... then I threw the hat. haha!
Josh is a great cuz for sure. hehe. ;)

Don't you think the hat looks good? ;) hehe.


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Nice Hat! Hmph