Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January 12,

It's been a few days. So last night it SNOWED again, and now we have around a foot of snow laying on this beautiful earth. ;) lol.
This afternoon I took Jayda out to play in the snow, we made a snowman!

Ever since I left MO my throat has been feeling so very strange, not really sore, just kinda swollen. Well, last night my throat swelled up so tightly it hurt to swallow. The pain was so bad I couldn't go to sleep until after 3 sometime. I was even in tears at one point. phew... it was a long night. But I'm so thankful for my Aunts that all brought me herbs and things to help me this morning. I feel so much better now! Praise the Lord. I can tell my throat still isn't all the way better, but compared to last night, its amazing!

The baby


Jayda and me

My cousins

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