Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Trip to OK :)

Last Sunday I went on my first real road trip by myself. Well, I did have my friend Joanna with me, but I was the only one that could drive so it made it seem like I was all alone on this big road with only me and my GPS. (ok, so I did have 3 maps in the back seat if for some reason I needed them) lol But anyways, I went to spend 4 days with my friend Nathania Tyler and her parents. I had so much fun with them, even if they did tease me non-stop my whole visit! :P lol. I am so blessed to have my friendship with Natty.

I dropped Joanna off at a friends house about 3 hours from Natty's home. Below is a picture of Joanna and I. The GPS took us wayyyy out in the country and we came to this one way bridge and it just cracked us up so much we decided it needed a picture. I tell ya, those GPS's. haha. They make life interesting for sure!

Natty and I <3

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