Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'm moving for a time!

Yes, its as true as winter is cold, I'm moving to Pennsylvania January 2nd. I'm going to be living with my Aunt and working as a nanny taking care of my second cousins, named Jayda (2 1/2), GiGi (1 1/2) and Livy (3 months).

I've been praying about this and my parents are encouraging me to go forward and try it out for at least a month. I'm thinking long term I'll be there maybe though the Spring... or even perhaps summer. I'm not really sure, I guess we will just see how it all works out.
Please pray for me as it will defiantly be a HUGE change. I feel like my life is about to turn upside down. What am I doing going back out to PA to nanny? I already did that before and nothing good came from it. (that was because I went for the wrong reasons but still.) Sometimes I think I am going completely insane to go leave my family, who I love so dearly, and move out there again, to be the "mother" for 3 little girls in dippers???
But I believe that God is making this happen, and I am trusting him even though things seem really hard to understand right now.
About 2 weeks ago God started to show me that my present job that I have right now was coming to a close, and then suddenly this need came up for me to help with my cousins, and I have waited to see if God would open all the doors to make it possible and He has. Everything has worked out.
My parents and I believe this is what God wants me to do, and I am willing to do whatever he has for me on this new adventure.
For the next month, with all the Holiday craziness going on I am still going to be working as a caretaker 4 days a week. In the mean time my family and I have some fun things planned for the rest of November and in December.
* Thankgiving
* Black Friday Shopping
* Cookie exchange
* Christmas caroling
* Family gift exchange
Well, I know there is more but I just got a call that I need to run into work, so... Thats all for now!


Esther Nail said...

It's sad your leaving....but I'm happy to know that this adventure is something your looking forward to explore!

Anonymous said...

noooooooooo!!! But, I guess I agree with Essy=( lol

Jenny Faith said...

Man, I meant to put *Jenny*--not *anonymous*. Sorry...=)

Esther Nail said...

That's okay I'll forgive you dear.
For a moment there I was like 'do I know this person'