Tuesday, October 26, 2010

more of the college

Nicole and I! (she was one of my classmates) And a very awesome classmate too. :)

We tried to get class pictures in our classroom and.... fail! they looked awful! Btw, they are all around my desk... there is a reason for that :P It seemed like they were always around my desk, helping me with all my issues. ;) lol.

So... then we got pictures at a park near by, and they turned out much better... just kinda dark. Oh well... we tried. ;)

One night after class my roommate, Emily, was going to make cookies and she invited me to help her. It was so much fun, around midnight we were just in this HUGE kitchen making cookies, and .... yes.... singing Christmas Songs. ;) ;)

Isn't she so cute!?!?! ;)

Kinda a normal expression I had most of the class... "I'm confused"

2 of my roommates! They were the best roommates EVER! We had so much fun together and they were a huge support to me when I came in from class and felt discouraged about the class, they totally were amazing and helped me to focus on the good. :) Thanks Alyssa and Emily! I love you girls so much!

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