Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Trip to Springfield

Last weekend Joel, Carl, Alyssa, Ashley, Clara, Katie, and myself went to Springfield for the day. We went to the mall and then to a park, then to dinner and then ice skating! It was a ton of fun!

It was Carl's b-day, he turned 20!!!! We had so much fun, as we were walking though the mall we all started to randomly sing very loudly "Happy Birthday". It was awesome, people around us started to sing as well and then yelled out to him, "Happy Birthday"!!! ;)

On the trip there were a lot of random sayings. Some of them you wont understand unless you were there, and some of them were just so random they are awesome. But they are!!!

:Carl: "People need to learn that not everything comes though life for free, therefore I am not going to attend my b-day party".

:Random: Susie says, "which way do we turn?" Katie says, "Well where are we going?"

:Alyssa: "I want that car!"

:Random: Every time our waiter came to our table we would all say together, "WE LOVE YOU".

:Joel: "I love logic!"

:Katie: "Forty-five more min to be 19!!!"

:Sales lady: "Madam, please stop hugging the Manikin".

:Ashley: "I wanna squeeze his cheeks!"

:Joel: "This is deep"

:Susie: "I love you, you love me, its a LOVELY day".

:Joel: "If anyone needs to use the bathroom, go now! Or forever hold your peace!"

It was an awesome day! One that none of us will forget!

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