Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Oh yes.... we are both 18!

Elise and my birthdays are 8 days apart. I know... she was late. :( I tell her all the time, if she had just been 8 days early we could have really been twins... ;) lol.

I love you Elise, We have had SO many fun times together. From ridding bikes down a hill with no breaks, to falling into the pond with skirts on.
From running down our huge hill in the summer just for the fun of it, to hiding down by the creak at Fourth of July so we could talk without anyone bothering us.
From sliding on the ice, to trying our hardest to be serious for just 5 mins.
From playing weird games like moo, to driving your tractor around your place.
From taking pictures of you walking across our pond on a log, to taking pictures with our hoop skirts on.
From changing in your van. to having awkward moments with guys on our farm.
From talking about our families to laughing about "airplane"-stars.
From sewing our first dresses together to learning to make the seem-ripper out best friend.
From swinging on our swing to laughing so hard we cried...
oh yes, Elise... we have made so many memories... and we have SO many more to make. :) I am so thankful for you my friend. I love you so very much.

We got together last Saturday and took some pictures. :)

... this is the first year that we really did something for each other's b-days. We both planned a surprise b-day party for each other. lol. Nether of us knew that the other was doing the same thing. It was really funny so we got pictures with us trying to look surprised. ;)

Pictures from our birthday last year...

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