Monday, August 10, 2009

This is one weeks staff/counselor/leadership group picture!

~ Just a random pic... ~

These little girls were very dear to me, the one in the orange learned 45 of bible verses with me... it was very special to me to be the one that studied with her.

Bethany, (my niece) and i got our hair cut ... and then for the princes dinner we matched! It was fun, but its a little scary to me to see how grown up my little niece is ;) she is beautiful.

The first week of counserling Ashley Riefer and I had the same team. Ashley was a lot of fun to work with~


Geer Family said...

sounds like life is going really well! What a fun summer! Way to go for getting out there and working...God bless as you take care of an elderly lady this Fall. TeLl the padres 'HOLA' for us :)

children of the farm said...

I like your hair cut so much! :) You're gorgeous.
Love you ~