Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hello everyone!

It seems like every time I write here I have moved... lol.... well I am now living at my parents farm. I moved back last weekend. It's good to be home and have all of the "old family lunch conversations" back again!

So this afternoon my little brother came to me and told me to go look at the clothes line. So of course I looked and I could not believe my eyes... there on the clothes line were 3 raccoon tails!!! Ben had shot 3 raccoons while they were eating our chickens this morning. So then he, being a boy, had to cut the tails off so he could dry them off and "keep them forever"... so what did he do?... he hung them on my mom's clothes line. hehehe

LOL... I just had to get a picture of it, and then I kinda walked through the garden as I have not hardly been in it at all this summer and I got some pictures.

Well thats that for now!



children of the farm said...

haha, nice job, Ben! We still have a deer's tail in our basement freezer--Josh was planning to make a bag out of it for Ash:) lol.


Geer Family said...

great pics and great job Ben!