Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dinner at Shady Maple

Ashlyn... What a beautiful young lady!



Mr and Mrs Zimmerman.... they have been friends of our family for a long time.

Calea and Me!

All of us girls!

Ashlyn and me!


Jon's Photography said...

Your hav'n fun alright! ;-)!!! Where are you? Looks like some kinda big building...you have a party or something?

children of the farm said...

Really missing you Susie!!


Eldredge Family said...

John we were eating at Shady Maple, it is a really nice place.
Meg, I really miss you all too. I hope you are all doing well.

Rachel said...

Great pictures, keep 'em coming!

Ashley said...

Oh Susanne I miss you!! But it looks like you're having an incredible time, and I wouldn't be so selfish as to want to take that away from you! Thanks for the pictures - the girls (and you!) are just lovely. :)
Lots of Love,

Carl Eldredge said...

Hey Susanne!

Thanks so much for the pictures. PLEASE keep posting! I wish so badly I could be out there with you ;) Hopefully I can make it out there soon. The girls are as cute as ever (you are too!).

Love ya,

Caitie said...

Susanne, what are you wearing.