Saturday, July 16, 2011

Wedding planning in the middle of Camp!

Hello there!!
I just got back from shopping all day in Springfield with my sister, sister-in-law, nieces and friend! :) Oh I was amazed by the way God blessed our whole trip!!! I found my wedding dress after the 3rd dress I tried on. I love it!!! I am so so excited!!!
Then we found the perfect fabric for the bridesmaid dresses, and it turns out, each dress is only going to cost me about $9 a piece! WOW!!! Did you get what I said? $9 dollars per bridesmaid dress!! That is like!!!...Totally a God thing!!! I was expecting each dress to be at the least $20!!! And the patterns were on sale at $1.99. And oh! I got the flowergirl dresses %50 off!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh!!! I am just so thrilled and amazed at how much God blessed me today!!!
I am so happy!
Well I just finished my first week at camp, it was the best week I have EVER had!! My girls were simply wonderful! Awesome team work and perfect fun!!
Trying to plan a wedding while working at camp deff is interesting. But I am thrilled I have this opportunity!
Here are a few pictures of my last week!

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