Friday, April 1, 2011

April 1st!

Hello! I know I haven't been good at keeping up my blog lately... But here I am for a quick update.

My parents have been here the whole week, visiting my Grandpa. My Grandpa came home from the hospital 2 days ago. He is doing alright... mostly just sleeps. :(
The girls have been doing well, and are no longer sick (at the moment) but my uncle Tom is now sick...
My uncle Tom gave me A CAR!!!!! Yes!! I'm pretty excited I've got to say. ;) Yesterday I took it out on my first drive. It was pretty fun! ;) My parents are going to be driving it out to MO so when I come home I have it there. :)
I will be going home in 8 days for a short visit!! I'm very much excited!!! :D I miss my family so very, very, much.

I think that is about all of "Today's News". :) I'll try to post some pictures of my car soon.
Have a lovely day!!

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