Friday, March 4, 2011

Jayda's Birthday Party!

The Happy Birthday girl

She blew out her candles and then looked at everyone and sighed and said,
"Oh, I'm just so happy".
It was simply adorable. It made everyone want to just scoop her up in a hug and take away everything bad that she has gone through.

Here she is with my Grandpa
Grandpa with one of my newest cousins.

My cousin, Katie, feeling rather excited with Jayda's new gift.

Gigi. Poor little girl, she has a fever for the last few days.

Livy and I

My Uncle Joe and Gigi.

Emily, Livy and I

Gigi and her Grandpa. (my Uncle Tom)

Gigi and her Grandma (My Aunt Ginny)

Jayda and my cousin Josh.


Nathania said...

Looks like it was a fun party. I love having birthday parties for children! They are so much fun! :-)

Harkins Hill said...

I look weired in that picture.