Friday, March 18, 2011

I love this, it's like playing house. Except... it's real life.

This morning I woke up and found my aunt was very sick in bed with the flu. The girls were yelling and the baby was watching them. I suddenly realized that it was up to me get through today. I was kinda worried at first, I've never made the baby's cereal, nor had I ever made Gigi's breakfast before. My aunt always did it. And on top of that I think I've only given a baby a bath 3 times in my life, and here I was... needing to go to the bathroom...very badly.
But the baby needed a diaper change, Gigi needed a diaper change, Jayda needed to go potty, and SO DID I!!!
Rushing to get the diapers changed, I thought I would find a min to run, but no, that would be a joke. Gigi was getting in to the closets, Jayda was messing up her room trying to pick out something to wear and the baby wanted to be held. After getting Jayda dressed, and strapping Gigi into the buster seat, with the baby in the bouncer, I grabbed the baby cereal and started to read how to mix it up. Oh gosh, this was going to be easy, just add water and stick it in the microwave for a min. HA! Nice one Susie. Either I didn't have enough water in it or I cooked it too long, but that stuff came out as hard as a rock. Oh joy! Thankfully after my second try I got it mixed up.
BANG! I looked around to see Gigi had taken her plate of pop-tarts and thrown it, therefore, pop-tarts were ALL over the kitchen. I just left it there and went to pick up the screaming baby, strapped her in her high-chair and started stuffing food in her mouth.
"Susie, I need to go potty again" Jayda said, coming into the kitchen, stepping in all the pop-tarts. "Ok, well can you give me a min, Jay? I realllly need to go too, but I gotta finish with the baby". "I need to go now Susie". *sigh* ok!! Lets go. Putting the baby's food out of reach from Gigi, I ran into the bathroom with Jayda. A min later I came out again only to find Gigi had pulled the whole table-cloth off including the juice that was in a cup for Jay. Which meant, that now not only where there pop-tarts all over the floor, there is juice.
Well it's a good thing we have paper-towels!! After feeding the baby, and putting her in her swing with her bottle, I got started on getting Gigi breakfast. That went well, without anything impressive to write about. But still... I NEEDED TO GO!!! JUST FOR ONE MIN!!! PLEASE!
Giving Gigi a toy, and leaving Jayda to watch a TV show, with the baby asleep in her swing, there was a moment of peace. YES! Finally!! haha. You'd think that bathroom door had some sort of alarm system hooked up to it or something! Because as soon as the door shut, the baby spit out her bottle and started to cry, and Jayda decided that she wanted the toy that Gigi was playing with causing both of the girls to be screaming at each other.
Goodness, My poor aunt, how could she possibly be sleeping through all that noise? Whatever, I ran out and... it was like magic, as soon as they saw me, it was perfectly quiet.
lol. Yeah... It's been an interesting day for sure. Once I got the kitchen all cleaned up, and given the baby her bath, Gigi was fed, and Jayda busy, I was surprised at how quiet things became. I suddenly realized, that no matter how insane things were an hour ago, this is what I am most happy with doing. Being with children.
I love this, it's like playing house. Except... it's real life.

Now you ask... how on earth did you have time to write all that? hehe. Well, the baby and Gigi are asleep and Jayda is resting.


Rachel Sokolik said...

THANK YOU for that lovely opportunity to laugh (I DO have sympathy... but, I also have a sense of humor. lol☺) and catch up with your life. It sounds like you're handling everything well... no really, even in spite of the cereal on the floor and adventurous babies-- I'm proud of how you're dealing with all of it. Don't ever loose your laugh, dear girl! I love and miss you bunches!♥

Carl said...

I'm REALLY proud of you Susie! Wow :D You are amazing. Keep up the great work ;)

Esther Nail said...

I must say, that was awesome girl!

Mary said...

Wow, Susie! That was an impressive post! Mostly because you managed to keep your cool through it all! :)
I hope most days start better than that! :)