Thursday, February 17, 2011

My girls :)

My Aunt just sent me this picture of "my girls". My second cousins that I nanny. Oh, I miss them so much! I get to see them in a week!! :D Excited? YES! I miss these little "valentines" so much! They are so special and just simply adorable.

Last night went much better as far as getting Flo to bed. She of course got up 5 times to check the lock and then I'm trying to forget the 7 times she came into my room to tell me "Goodnight", but it was a good night, really!

At the moment we are at the gym. (thats the only chance I get to use my internet, so I'm not walking the track this week)
I get off at 12:30 and then my shift starts again at 4:30. So I'm really looking forward to getting a break this afternoon.

Yesterday afternoon was pretty tough, at one point I was almost in tears. How could someone be SO SO Forgetful!? It almost seemed like she was TRYING to be difficult. I was so uptight and I knew I needed to just get a moment to breath, so I got her working on a puzzle and then I went into my room and closed to door and prayed for strength to have understanding for her and to be able to love her for the person she is.
I was able to relax and refocus some and finish my day with out a sour note. Thank you Father.

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