Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Leaving PA for WI

I rode out to Wisconsin with Dan and Linda. It was a 19 hour long trip, so the conversations were very interesting at times.

Quotes from our trip to WI

· S. “My cousin, Uncle Jon.”

· A. “My umbilical-cord is broken!”

· S. “We smell sticks”

@ 9:15 we stopped for a potty break, we went into this huge empty building and Ashlyn said with passion, “They should fill this building with people!” We made our way, through the emptiness, on to the bathrooms. The bathrooms were shocking indeed. Upon entering the bathroom, and walking down the rows and rows of stalls, Susie picked one that looked perfect for her, but… I’ll tell you that stall had issues, Susie couldn’t even sit down on that stinking thing! It flushed on its own at least 6 times!!! While trying to get a moment to sit down, it was splashing all over the place, this caused moments of loud emotions from the poor individual locked in the stall. Also it caused great amusement from Ashlyn, who was listening to the commotion in the next stall. I’m pleased to say that they did finally make all of the “appointments” that they needed to make, without any accidents. This pretty much ends the first EPIC adventure.

· A. P- is for pathetic plaza players - and we won!!

· S. “can I count your hairs?”

· S. “I don’t do legs”

Light wars with our feet.

@ 10:58 we had our second bathroom break. Walking into the building, Ashlyn yells out, “SUSIE! THERE ARE PEOPLE!” Yes… we did get some rather odd looks.

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