Thursday, January 6, 2011

Interview with Ashlyn.

(S) Ashlyn, Whats the first question?
(A) ummm... * shrugs shoulder* something about myself?

(S) How old are you today, and how old will you be when you wake up tomorrow?
(A) umm... can I have a calculator for this question? 14 today...14 tomorrow.

(S) Ash, on a scale of one to ten, with ten being perfectly full and one completely starving, how would you rate yourself at this moment?
(A) 8.

(S) If you could have one dream come true, what would it be?
(A) hmmm.... that is really hard. *thinking* To be in the Cirque du Soleil! (Dance/Gymnastics)

(S) Who is your favorite character from Nemo?
(A) Dory, we have so much in common.

(S) Do you think you could ever understand the things that might have been going though Dory's mind when she was talking "whale"?
(A) "Do you think they would really believe me if I said I could really talk to whales?"

(S) Have you ever talked to whales?
(A) No, but I have talked to guys, do they count?

(S) *cough* moving on. Ever wanted to go skydiving?
(A) No. I am not going to die falling from the sky.

(S) What would be your "dream death?" (What a morbid question I know!)
(A) In my sleep.

(S) So. Ashlyn. How many children do you want?
(A) 10. Six of my own. Four adopted.

(S) Do you have a nickname?
(A) many. Porky. Butterball. Miss Thang. Miss Dance. annnd Ash. Deary. sugar. squirt. frying pan. NUT. Caption Obvious. Drama Queen. and...others that I cannot remember at the moment.

(S) So do you have anything that you think you could hold someone up with Blackmail?
(A) um... not really. I know some things but nothing that would really "eat them".

(S) What time are you planning on going to bed?
(A) umm... when you go to bed?

(the interview is going to end now then.) :P LOL.

Thank you Ashlyn for letting us pry your cute little head for a few mins.

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Esther Nail said...

I don't think you guys could ever get bored of each other;)