Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

The last few days I've been finding out what its like to live in "mute" mode. I started losing my voice on Sunday night. I thought for sure it would be fine in the morning, but... Monday morning, when I got up for work I couldn't say a thing. In fact, my mom had to call my boss to let him know that I couldn't come into work.
So.. with no work and trying to find things to do while resting, I started writing our Family News Letter. It's always so funny to me how we can have a full and exciting year, but when it comes to asking each family member for a little "about me", no one can think of anything. In fact, all I could get from my brother David, who is getting married in a month, was "nothing, there's not really anything going on".
See... ;) this is what its like to live with brothers. ;) Now... if I had a sister who was getting married in a month, I'm sure she would have written me a book to put in the news letter. :) lol.
Anyways, So today my voice has some volume to it, but not very much. Hopefully tomorrow things will be better. I told my boss that I'd be at work.

Can you believe Christmas is in like 4 days?? I believe my brothers and I and a few friends are just going to be hanging out at Dave's house, playing games, watching movies, eating all day, and maybe... if we happened to have a white Christmas we would go outside and make snow angels ;) lol. But... I don't even know if there is Snow on the forecast.

Last weekend I went with my brothers and of course their families, to Silver Dollar City. It was so much fun. I have some pictures but I haven't really had a chance to post them yet.

I think my family is sitting down for dinner so I better end this for now ;)
Much love!
~Susie Q

(i have no idea where the Q comes from... but some people in my family add it... so... there ya go.)

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