Friday, December 10, 2010

Day with Bethany

It's been so long since I've had a day just to hang out with Bethany, (my niece). So yesterday I only had to work half a day and then Bethany and I had the rest of the afternoon together. We went to wal-mart and got pictures taken together, (we will get them on the 17th) and then we went to a book store in Rolla, cause we both love to read. Then we went to South Central Creamery and talked for a while. Then around 3:30 we went to the farm and went horse back ridding. It was cold, but tons of fun. We went ridding down our county road and the sun was setting, the colors we just beautiful.
I am so blessed to have a niece, (who is almost a teenager) who I can spend time with and make memories together. It was a very special day. <3 Love you Beth <3




My puppy, Coco, that I've had for almost a year. Isn't he so cute?
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