Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Cousins

All the little guys and me together. :)

Katie, what a cute little girl she is. One day something almost happened to her that scared me to death. We were all outside and the kids were ridding their bikes, Molly, age 3, was pushing Katie on a bike and they started to head for a hill, which, at the bottom of the hill was a pond. Well, I called out to Molly to tell her not to go any closer to the hill, but as I called her she stopped and turned around to listen to me, letting go of Katie on the bike... I watched for a moment in shock as I saw Katie's bike go faster and faster down the hill, I suddenly stated to run making a leap I went sliding down the hill right along side of the bike, catching it moments before it went into the water. Believe me, I was shaking as I carried little 2 year old Katie back up the hill.

Caleb, what a little guy he is. I loved that little man! He totally captured my heart from the first day we had together. :)

Brigette, my amazing cousin. I was so impressed by her, she amazed me every day with her patience, love to her children, and sweet spirit to her hubby. And of course, the little baby, Hope :)

Molly and Katie.
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Esther Nail said...

For a moment there I thought she would fall in the lake,but happily you came along and saved her.WOW that's pretty scary Susie<3