Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kidnapping Carl

Over the weekend we had all of my sisters children as she and her husband when to a conference. On Saturday the kids and I decided that "Uncle Carl" was studding too hard and we should force him to take some time off. The only way we could think of to get him to take a break would be for us to go to his house and kidnap him for at least 30 mins.

We all went to wal-mart and bought matching black bandannas. We went to his house and rang his door bell, and much to our shock, he came walking around from the back. (He said he was just getting ready to go on a walk because he had a head ache from studding so much.)
So, we told him to go back in the house and we wanted to try it again. So... again we rang the door bell and he opened up and we all said together... "Hello, we are the "Inigo Montoya" Surrender now, or prepare to die" Then we blind-folded him and walked him to the car.

While the kids "tortured him" as he called it, I drove to the park. When we got there we walked him half-way around the park and then stopped him and forced a cookie into his mouth. It was so much fun.

After that we took off his mask and let him see where he was. We played around the park for more then an hour then we had to take our captive back home so he could fill his mind with more... more info. ;)

We all agreed, including our captive, that it was a blast.

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Kindra R. said...

Sounds like a blast!