Monday, June 28, 2010

Babies and more!!!!

For the last nine long months, our family has been awaiting the birth of our two newest members. In March, Zarah Odette Eldredge, showed her darling little self to the world. (Sorry I didn't post anything about it until now)
Two weeks ago, Jabari Benjamin Smith, came as a bundle of joy.

Its so exciting to have so many babies all around. Our family is very blessed. There are a total of 13 grandchildren now, and all but 3 of them live within 12 minuets from here.

Zarah Odette Eldredge (ZOE)

Jabari Benjamin Smith

Amy Eldredge with her new little one, Zoe.

Now for some more news... Our family is very, very, excited to welcome in a new sister-in-law. Ashley Riefer and my brother Joel are getting married come October.

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