Thursday, January 7, 2010


Hey everyone!

It snowed last night!!! Ok, so like if my boy friend from Wisconsin could see how big of a deal I have been making over our precious 3 1/8 inches of snow I know he would laugh. Cause while it seems like we have to measure our snow by centimeters he is measuring his snow by feet. Anyways... he can go ahead and laugh at me cause I am so excited about this snow! ;) hehe.

So, this morning the big question was... "will I get out of our drive to get to work?" around 8 this morning I went outside with my dad and we started to shovel, and sweep off the drive way until Ben came along with the tractor and plow he was able to clean it off in about 20 mins, and I was able to get out.

Now, when I go to work every morning around 7:25 I see the same people on their way to work, like, the same little old lady is always in her little brownish black car that looks like it has been sitting on a pin cushion all its life.
Then there is always the same big black truck that around the same curve that always passes me and I think he must think he owns the road or something.
Then there is the middle aged lady that is putting on her make-up as she drives to work and I let her pass cause she kinda scares me sometimes the way she is looking at herself as she drives and tries to follow too close behind.
Anyways... I have gotten used to seeing the same people every morning rushing off to their own jobs. :) But this morning there was hardly anyone out! Ether they had gotten to work on time, unlike me, or they just didn't go, unlike me, ether way, I must say I missed my little caravan of workers this morning.
I took my camera along and the whole way I took pictures. I tried to get as many pictures as I could of the many snow-plows that were out, but I didn't get many cause I was trying my best to stay on the road and I didn't want to look like a crazy girl that has never seen a snow plow before and when I am passing them to be taking pictures... i mean really, anyways, I got a few with that amazing little feature on your camera called zoom. ;) LOL.

Anyways, *cough*... resuming my dignity...
I really am a good driver. Just ask anyone that has driven with me, except... well, never mind, just believe me. lol. hehe.

So, random comment of the day... "I love snow!" ... hmm guess that wasn't too random, well, how about, "When trying to figure out if your curling iron is hot, don't test it with your tong... just trust me. I know. ;) ;) ;)" There... that was random. ;)


Caitie said...

Wow! Uh . . . I haven't heard you ramble like this for a long time! ;P

Susanne <3 said...

lol! Yeah... just a little random moment from the past. ;)