Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy times!
Linda and the girls came out to visit us for 6 days, on Thursday Carl and I will be going back to PA with them. Carl and I will be staying there for about 5 days, and while we are there we will go to Washington DC, for the Rebelution Tour ( . We are very excited about it!
Here are some pictures from the last two days....

Poor Linda and Ash were not feeling well at all... and today Ash has had a fever all day.

Brookie.. looking as adorable as ever <3

And Calea... awww... that girl... is amazing! I just can't seem to get enough time with her!!!!

Hehe.... and yes... my cat. I love him too... hehe

Calea... and Me... <3 <3

Horse Ridding!!!


Rachel Sokolik said...

Cute pictures- I especially like that one of the hansome guy I love (lol. marvin). I'm so happy to see you back to regular blogging- missed you girlfriend! I love you!♥

Geer Family said...