Thursday, January 8, 2009

I baby-sit, Jacob L. almost every Wednesday nigh. But last night I baby sat Jacob and my nephew, Drew. They are both about the same age, and they are both so funny.

Jacob was standing in the living room and he was very busy.....picking his nose. (why do kids do that?) Anyways, Drew came over to him and just stared at him and finally said in a disgusted voice, "Ya pick ya nose?". It was just so funny. Jacob just looked at him and kept right at it until I told him to stop and we went and washed his hands. :) those little boys are too much fun. I made them popcorn and they just ate and ate and ate. Then they had a pillow fight and that was really funny to watch two little boy about the age of 2 have a pillow fight. We had gun fights and we played with trains and had train crashes and then we turned on some cowboy music and they stared dancing.

They thought it was really funny to shoot me with their "hand guns"

Then they tried to be cool!

Dude... Those are some glasses!

Drew was a little nervous about this "cool" thing.

Not Jacob.... He loved it. But as you can see some times it takes talent to be cool. ;)

The dudes!



children of the farm said...

They're so sweet; I love that age! You must be a pretty fun babysitter. ;)

Rachel said...

What cute boys!
Thanks for babysitting last night. :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like a ton of fun! I can't believe how much Drew is growing up. He talks so much now.