Tuesday, December 30, 2008

On Saturday, after visiting the nursing home, there was a really bad storm that we had to drive through. There was so much rain that it got into our van and the van died on our drive way. After about 25min. of waiting for the van to start again we realized that we could not cross our creek, because it was too high. 2 hours later the creek went down some and we were able to cross it. When we got home we found out that the electricity had gone out, and it did not come back on for 8 hours.

This is a picture of our pond, it was huge!

We had a candle light dinner and we had to cook the hamburgers with flashlights.

After dinner we all had a very fun evening telling stories and eating popcorn. I really enjoyed the evening with candle lights and story telling, it seemed just like something you read in Laura Ingalls stories. But after 7:40 the lights came back on and we sat back and watch a movie.
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Caitie said...

Cooking hamburgers with flashlights?? Wow, how long did that take......
=P Haha.....