Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's Tea Time!

My cousin planed a tea party for all of the ladies. Ryley came just to make sure that the "ladies" were polite, and did not chew with their mouth open, or gulp their tea, or talk to loudly.
He was also the ONLY boy so he got all of the attention from all of the girls.

The "little" young ladies were sooo cute.

(I love this one of Katy, she looks so grown up.)





~Sad Ash... :) ~Me~Bethany

Please don't ask... :) Because I really don't know why. They are cousins, that all I can say.

Guess Who?

Funny Girls....
Ashlyn~ Looking so cute~

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Thy little handmaiden said...

Aww, you guys look like you had a blast! :D I'm so sorry Susanne that I didn't get back to you the other day about the puppies. We were so busy that I just forgot about it. I should have just let you know that we would probably be way too busy, but I thought I could at least let my mom know, but then I never even got that far... :( I'm sorry.

At least I did get to enjoy them a little. :)

Love you! Merry Christmas!