Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Some more pictures from Sunday.

Ryley is too cute!

We left the cave as it started to get dark.

Here are the puppies that were born on Saturday night. Polly had nine black Labs. Ben is a very proud papa.

It was a very nice afternoon-evening.....But wait that is not all that happened that day, we got a call from the Cagles, saying that they just picked up Mr. Cagle from the fort in Kansas as he was returning home to America after fighting in Iraq for a year. They asked if they could spend the night. We were happy opened up our home to them and they arrived around 9:00 pm.
They stayed the day and spent the next night also.
Here are some pictures from their visit.

The young girls enjoyed washing dishes....

Some of us girls watched the boys walk accrose the log in the pond.

Grace really enjoyed the dogs...

I have been working on a quilt, so while we visited I hand quilted.

Mr. Cagle and I

Ivory and I

Amy with Ryley, came down to visit for a little bit.


meg said...

Great pictures, Susie!! I love the new one at the head of your blog! How cute...

Mrs. Hickle said...

Your quilt is adorable! I'd like to see it when it is finished.

Thy little handmaiden said...

I loved all the pictures Susanne. :) I agree with Megan. I love the one at the top. :)